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Helen works with teenagers on a one-to-one and group session basis. She has raised teenage children of her own and is passionate about helping young adults with the issues they face today.


Helen connects with adolescents by listening and understanding, through verbal communication and by observing body language. There is no 'one size fits all' with any client and Helen aims to tailor the right approach to the individual.


Helen's range of helpful 'tools' for teenagers can be applied to everyday situations, to help cope with the changes and challenges that this period of life brings. Practical tools, like tapping and relaxation techniques to deal with stress, have had hugely positive effects. Help with re-framing issues, and building confidence and self esteem, provide adolescents with an incredible resource to draw upon, enabling them to grow into well balanced adults.

Helen has been a volunteer mentor for The Wilderness Foundation charity. Using skills she has acquired over many years, she mentored young adults during difficult or challenging times in their lives.

The challenges of teenage life
From starting secondary school, to heading off to University or the job market, this is so much change and uncertainty during the teenage years. Combined with the constant 'measuring' of abilities through assessments and exams, it is hardly surprising that teenagers struggle to cope, given that most adults would find these challenges a daunting prospect.


Ask any teenager today how they feel and you will hear words such as 'stressed', 'anxious', 'worried' and 'inadequate'. Exposure to social media and 24 hour access to their friends and a celebrity culture make it difficult for teenagers to find time to 'be themselves'.


Helen has found tapping and meditation to be powerful and effective practices for helping with teenage issues such as exam stress, self-esteem, confidence issues and a host of other common emotional 'problems' faced by teenagers today,

Grief can be an extremely intense and difficult emotional experience for a young person. Just as adults need to move through the grief process so do children. However some find it hard to talk about their feelings, especially to family members who may themselves be grieving. 


Divorce can bring with it feelings of loss and guilt for a young person. A close friendship or relationship coming to an end may effect a young persons confidence and self-esteem.


In short change is scary and young people may need more support through periods of change than we think. Helen can help the young person to see change as a natural part of life and teach them tools to enable them to be more emotionally resilient.




£55 per hour - individual sessions

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