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Grief can often be processed by an individual over time but sometimes counselling is needed to help with the grieving and the healing, especially now as we navigate this pandemic.

There is no right way to grieve and you may need help to move through the stages, more now than ever. It can feel like you're going backwards sometimes but it helps to know if what you're experiencing is normal. 

Guilt and anger are normal feelings when we are grieving but talking about those feelings with loved ones who are also grieving may not seem okay.

Helen holds that space for you to be in touch with your grief, without judgment. So often loved ones need to be remembered and spoken of but not everyone wants to listen and you can feel isolated and alone in your sadness. Your relationship with the person you mourn was unique, your grief will also be unique.

Helen also supports those experiencing suicide grief and all the additional layers of complexity that brings.


 Helen is a volunteer and supervisor with the charity Cruse Bereavement Care.


£55- 1 hour session

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