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About Helen's approach to therapy

Helen is an Independent Therapist offering a range of professional treatments to enhance wellbeing. She offers a holistic approach to therapy, which involves treating the individual, rather than purely the symptom.


Sometimes talking about feelings in a safe and confidential environment is all that's needed to bring about positive change.

But sometimes, emotional issues can be held within the body's energy system and need to be healed and released (or integrated) in order for you to feel healthy and happy again.


The body has it's own built-in healing system that works perfectly when conditions allow. If we are feeling anxious, stressed, tired, fearful or depressed, our body's natural healing system can be profoundly affected.


Research has shown that our mental wellbeing impacts upon our physical wellbeing and this is very much Helen's experience. Her approach to therapy is to treat the whole person; the source, not just the symptom.

About Helen 

She was born in Wales, lived in Saffron Walden for12 years and recently moved to the village of Chrishall. She enjoys travelling and socialising but she values her quiet time too, often taking long walks in nature. She has two grown up sons.

Although Helen has a professional approach to counselling her manner is relaxed and down-to-earth. She is compassionate, caring, respectful and  can also be humorous. She sees these as key ingredients of the therapeutic relationship, laughter too can be a powerful healer.


About therapy 


Helen offers therapy online, by phone or in person. Online counselling is via Zoom or WhatsApp. Helen works from a quite and private ground floor room where your confidentiality is always assured. It is a peaceful, homely and welcoming space. 

Free parking is always available directly outside.

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