Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that balances the energy centres of the body.


Reiki can help transform long held patterns of behaviour and issues. Within counselling sessions reiki can be helpful to physically integrate the changes that are being made on a mental level. 


Helen works with the mind, body and spirit during counselling sessions and may suggest reiki healing as part of the therapy program. 

Reiki works with the body's own natural healing system and can be very effective as a tool to treat stress, anxiety, depression and sleep issues. A reiki treatment can provide the client with a sense of deep relaxation, peace and well-being. It can be a great support to the body when working with challenging or traumatic issues.


What happens during a reiki session?

During the session you will sit, or lay, fully clothed while Helen places her hands on the energy centres of your body to effect clearing or support. The reiki will naturally flow towards where it is most needed, supporting the body's natural capacity for self-healing and balance.


£50 - 1 hour session